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For Diego – Black Despair

You are standing in front of so many doors,
And behind some was the light so bright and extremely beautiful like the first morning star.
But behind other ones you fell,
So damn deep that it kills you inside.
And every time it hurts more.

The fear crushes you,
The uncertainty breaks you down,
And the past eats you away.

Today – nothing is better,
Not a little bit.
Something got lost, and your heart tells you it was your hope.
Your hope went without you, left you alone in darkness.
And you are still standing here in this silver-grey shining light with tears in your face.

If I could,
I would do everything to take your pain away,
Because you worth it to be happy.

And I know the damn self-doubt is killing you,
And your fear is too deep inside you.
But don’t you ask yourself sometimes: “What’s behind the next door?”

You even do not try to open the door,
Because you know that it would not work.
Because the desperation takes your breath away,
While your tears run down your cheeks.

You will never know, what is behind the door
- If you do not try it.
Maybe it is the paradise itself.
Maybe you will fall, deep as never before.
Maybe your wings will break and the pain will feel like forever.
Maybe you will fall in the deepest hole ever, lost, without a way out.
But you will come out, trust me.
Because there will always be someone who will hold your hand if you need it.

And if you sometimes think you are all alone in this world,
Don’t forget – I will always be there, when you need me.
11.11.07 17:10

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